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Super Supreme - 4,000 Grams

Need we say more? 4,000 grams/m2, we couldn’t fit any more Flokati into the Ultimate Flokati rug. The Ultimate Flokati is your chance to finally walk on a cloud. These rugs are soft, full, plush and magnificently beautiful. The Ultimate Flokati rug is the premier choice for the experienced Flokati fan. Keep away from doors! This Flokati is so thick (ALMOST 4” HIGH!) it might not fit under your door gap! Offered in the Natural White color, and 7 sizes, the Ultimate Flokati is first rate! Don’t see the size you want in the Ultimate Flokati? No sweat! We’ll make it for you, just ask and we’ll get you the Ultimate Flokati in the Ultimate size!
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Super Supreme Flokati Natural
$239.99 - $2,599.00

Super Supreme Flokati Natural