Rug Pads

Rug pads, also known as rug underlay pads, are the most efficient, affordable way to enhance the performance of your area rug and extend the life of your area rug. Rug pads are multi functional. Their uses vary from preventing slips, to noise reduction, and even act as an overall investment for your area rug. Most people think that area rugs incur the most damage from the topside of the rug. This is actually not true. Area rugs will begin to wear on the bottom side, which makes a rug pad an invaluable asset for your area rug. Whether you are buying a Flokati rug, shag rug, tufted rug, hand knotted rug, or a machine made rug, a rug pad should be considered. offers two types of rugs pads. Our super grip rug pad is designed to be placed over hard, smooth surfaces. Our ultra plush rug pad is designed for both hard, smooth surfaces, as well as over carpet. A rug pad should be considered, even when being placed over a carpet, not just over a hard surface floor.